Home Alterations Spaarwater

Home Alterations Spaarwater

Home Alterations Spaarwater  deal with designing and rebuilding of homes and business and recreational areas, we also deal in the restorations of building designs and innovation of building designs including  extensions  to your home.

Home extensions Spaarwater
Home extensions Spaarwater

When you are having troubles in the restoration and innovation of building your homes or your business environments, look to home alterations Spaarwater  as we offer you efficient professional and reliable craftsmanship.

Home alterations Spaarwater
Home alterations Spaarwater

Home alterations Spaarwater  specialise in restoration, modernisation, re-development, construction, redecoration, repairs and improvements to buildings and recreational space call us today and get a quote on the house of your dreams.

 We renovate the following:

  • Pool alterations
  • Bathroom alterations
  • Kitchen renovation
  • Tennis court alterations
  • Room additions

Pool alterations Spaarwater

Home alterations Spaarwater  specialise in building pools, repairing pools and improving pools with quality pool lighting, alterations in the pool and installing of fibreglass in your pool.

We also install solar heating panels and heating pumps for temperature manipulation in water. We install pool filters and the paving for the pool. Home alterations Spaarwater  are capable of designing and constructing the different types of pools, whether you may seek a beach pool, nature pool, or even the commonly favoured mosaic pool, we can also design and construct commercial pools.

Bathroom alterations Spaarwater

Home alterations Spaarwater  strive ourselves with the level of quality and professionalism in the craftsmanship of our bathroom renovation services .   Bringing in different techniques and latest modernisation styles to your desired design. We renovate to improve the living space and aesthetic value of your property, which in turn increases the value of your property. When renovating the bathroom all the furniture that was in the bathroom will be remodelled and repositioned to convey their best values.

Home alterations Spaarwater

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Kitchen alterations Spaarwater

We believe the kitchen is the heart of every home. We are skilled in the designing and construction of any shape kitchens whether it be curved kitchen, rectangular shaped kitchen or even the elegant and eloquent triangular kitchen. When choosing the right shape for your kitchen keep in mind the style that compliments the rest of the house the space of the shape should be picked with idea of functionality. Home alterations Spaarwater  also redesign the cabinets and can provide different types of wood to remodel the cabinets and display units with quality wood such as :

  • Alder – the colour of this type of wood ranges to red to reddish brown and is softer than the cherry and maple wood
  • Cherry –cherry is beautiful wood which it’s colour darkens as it ages mixing hues of gold yellow to dark red, it has an elegant feel and a timeless visual appeal
  • Maple- this wood ranges in colour from a creamy white to a light brown with slightly red look and has gentle but rough feel that has smooth finish 

Kitchen alterations Spaarwater

Most tennis courts are unique and are not built with the same materials as the common court ground use such as asphalt court, clay and concrete court, and grass courts.

Home alterations Spaarwater  don’t recommend you install a grass court for your home as this material requires daily maintenance. Asphalt material is ideal for home owners this material can last up to 20 years or longer and is highly cost effective to build a tennis court.